The Genesis performance from August 26, 1973 included:

Watcher of the Skies - The Musical Box - Supper's Ready - The Return of the Giant Hogweed - The Knife




The August 18th, 1973 issue of Reading Rock served as the Official Programme and  Guide





Inside text on Genesis




CLARK KENT walked into the telephone box and loosened his shirt.


With a mighty pow and a cry of "Shazam and High ho Silver " he soared above Gotham City and streaked eastward.





Advertisement Flyer



A dazzling blur against the blue sky he winged over the suburbs. He was heading for a site far away over the horizon.


For with his X ray eyes he had seen a vision that even Superman couldn't pass up.




Three-day Lineup with Ticket Order Form



He had seen crowds of beautiful people heading along the highways and byways of Britain and all muttering "Reading rock, Reading rock." With his superhuman memory that never forgets a fact he realised what was afoot.


No dastardly plan this time just a gathering of rock fans to hear some music on the banks of a gentle river.





Genesis Live with Reading Festival advert





He swooped low over the ancient burgh of Reading. Rory Gallagher was just striking up. "To hell with Louis Lane," he thought as he settled down in the front row.


For at last Superman found himself among equals. He gazed at the supermen gathered on stage.









Maybe they couldn't punch their way through six feet of concrete. But they could punch out of a mean rock song. And such mighty power from giants like Rod Stewart and The Faces, Rory Gallagher, Roy Buchanan Status Quo,Genesis, and Lindisfarne left him awed.


His quest since he jetted from the lost planet of Krypton was over. No more crime busting he would be a rock freak.





Concert Layout



But you don't have to be a superman to enjoy Reading Rock '73 otherwise known as the 12th National Jazz Blues and Rock Festival. Just sit back and enjoy the sounds put out by some of Europe's top bands.


The only three day festival of popular music this year it is the high point of the summer rock calendar. It promises to be another spectacular event.




Concert Schedule



Meanwhile, if you're sitting next to some fella wearing a funny shirt and pants and who keeps muttering about Batman, Robin, Dr Octopus and The India Rubber Man, pay no mind. He's probably just a foreigner looking for some good vibes.