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It's been a long, long time...hasn't it? Well, we've been busy. Since the last update we have transferred and edited hundreds of reels of 8mm and 16mm film (some of them available here) and restored the 1973 Bataclan footage in 4K, which was featured in Rolling Stone and the Bataclan Club websites. The famous 16mm Shepperton Studios 1973 we transferred in HD is almost 7 million views (now available in 4K). And we were featured on a podcast and interview.

We also updated some things on the website, including a new 1973 CWRU page, a new Unpublished Photograph page, and a new Genesis tape project. Oh yeah, we also just completed a book.



A big thanks to Mino, Serge, Bruno Tegano, Edouard Girod, D. Sherwood, David Wolf, Neil Sharrow, Denis, Stefan, Jeff W., Alan E., Casey, Konrad, Mike Polo, Bolzonella, Joel, Volker G., Giorgio, Peter S., Wade, Eduardo, Lin, Kersten, Paul S., Janne H., Lidsville Dave and all those who contribute scans, comments, corrections, etc.





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